British Summer

British Summer

British Summer.

10 things which define the perfect British Summer for us:

  1. The British Seaside, a day trip to the coast is always worth the time it takes to finally get that car park. Candy floss, fish & chips, wind-blown hair & off course the sunshine.
  2. Strawberries, perfect & in season with just the right taste. This is summer’s signature berry have it on its, own, with cream, toss it in a salad with feta. Did you know that fans at Wimbledon go through 34,000 kgs each year!
  3. Ice cream Vans, will it be Mr Whippy or Mister Softie.   
  4. Sporting Highlights, 2018’ was a sporting extravaganza whether you a footie addict with the FIFA World Cup on, F1 at Silverstone, Tour de France or Cricket with India vs England.
  5. Barbeques & Picnics. Burger vs sausage vegan options always available. 120 million barbies are fired up every year. That perfect picnic

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