Crown Trent of Bond Street Launches 100% Vegan, Mugs & Giftsets

Crown Trent of Bond Street Launches 100% Vegan, Mugs & Giftsets

Bone china ware is always a delight to look at and use. For those who are truly vegan and want to keep away all animal related products, Crown Trent of Bond Street is pleased to introduce its Vegan range of Mugs and Giftsets.

Going Vegan in the strictest terms means ensuring even the cup of tea or the coffee mug is free from animal sourced material. Crown Trent of Bond Street has thus launched the Vegan Range of Home & Gift, a 100% animal product free set of products. The vegan  mug & plate sets also appeal to the senses and amplifies the feeling of good times.

Take for instance the Love Fishing Pint Mug. This range of mugs will brighten up any day, and also comfort the user with its sensitivity to any form of cruelty. For gifts and personal use, another great vegan item is the Crown Regal Tea & Toast Gift-boxed Set. This is an illustrated gift box with a plate and a mug set free from animal cruelty. 

Get ready for those extra inspiring cups of oat or hot almond lattes with our vegan cups, mugs and entire dinner sets. Going vegan is not just about giving up meat, but a complete lifestyle and frame of mind, and we fully support your cause of ending animal exploitation,” says a spokesperson from Crown Trent of Bond Street.

Fine craftsmanship and durable life, these are the hallmarks of our new Vegan mugs & giftsets. Crown Trent of Bond Street makes every product into a work of art, and now with its vegan ware, eco-friendly and free from all animal exploitation too.

The team at Crown Trent is carrying on a heritage profession inspired by the latest trends and lifestyles. These talented professionals know the entire process of giving clients that perfect piece of fine bone china, from the concept to the kiln and beyond. Located at Stoke-on-Trent, the company is also among the few surviving factories to maintain a complete team of decorators. 

Crown Trent of Bond Street is working with all COVID-19 precautions in place, and welcomes customers inquiries and orders. Free UK shipping for orders over £50 and a UK customer support is available.

Shiya Didwania

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